Are you one of the millions of people who struggle with weight loss? We live in a hectic world, between demanding careers, family responsibilities, and the stress of everyday life; it can be hard to find the time or the energy to maintain healthy eating habits or exercise routines. Or maybe you do fit those things into your lifestyle, but underlying health issues make it hard to achieve a healthy weight.

Regardless of what is causing your weight issues, there is a food supplement that may be a good option for you. AOD-9604 (Anti-Obesity Drug-9604) is a rare peptide approved by the FDA that has shown a significant reduction in body fat in those who struggle with excess weight and obesity, as well as those who are considered of average build.

What is AOD-9604?

AOD-9604 is a synthetic alternative for the human growth hormone that controls fat burning. Originally developed in the 1990s by Monash University in Australia Professor Frank Ng, who intended to discover an anti-obesity drug that could burn fat like HGH (human growth hormone) but without building muscle.

The AOD-9604 works by increasing metabolism while speeding up the fat-burning process. There have been many studies that also show that this peptide is highly effective for building muscle. There are two ways that the AOD-9604 peptide works. It can stimulate the release of excess fat from the fatty tissue while inhibiting more fat from building, the main area being the mid-abdominal area.

Additional studies have shown many benefits of the AOD-9604 peptide to include:

  • Weight Loss Washington County, WisconsinBody fat reduction
  • Increases calorie burn
  • Triggers fat release
  • Increases metabolism
  • Does not increase blood sugar levels
  • Does not increase your appetite
  • Does not negatively affect tissue growth
  • Contains regenerative properties
  • May help with cartilage and bone repair, especially when paired with peptide BPC

Many people may consider the AOD-9604 peptide as a weight-loss wonder because of its natural ability to stimulate the pituitary gland without increasing hunger. This can result in more significant weight loss as well as reducing overall body fat.

If you struggle with weight loss, fad diets, or the fluctuation of losing weight but not being able to keep it off, the AOD-9604 peptide may be the solution you have been looking for. It is important to note that results will vary for each person.

It may take up to 12 weeks before you see significant results, but your experience may be drastically different from that of someone else. Many factors can affect your outcome, including age, genetics, health status, and your risk for disease. We often see the greatest success in those who maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime in combination with the injections.

If you are struggling with weight loss and you feel like you have tried everything else with little to no long-term success, call us today and find out more about how the AOD-9604 peptide can benefit you.