Eyes are a facial focal point, drawing attention during a conversation, sharing emotions, and giving you your unique appearance. Which is why people often get self-conscious when the eye area begins to show signs of aging, because it’s not an area you can hide away or easily cover up, nor do most people want to do so!

The main concerns around the eye generally include

  • Crow’s feet—the fine lines around the edge of the eye
  • Furrow lines—a line between the brows, and
  • Low-lying lids, known medically as acquired ptosis

We offer a variety of treatments to help brighten, smooth and rejuvenate the eye area, using injectables, fillers and a revolutionary prescription eye drop that naturally and effectively lifts your upper eyelids and giving you a fresh, bright look in a matter of minutes.

For individuals that are looking to achieve a younger, fresher appearance, the eye-area can be a great starting point, with a range of treatments and services available to provide fast, natural, beautiful results.

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