It’s not breaking news Botox® can be used to ease the appearance of lines and wrinkles in many areas of the face. But did you know Botox® is often used preventatively to stop those wrinkles from ever taking hold in the first place?

We were inspired to approach the topic by a recent article in The New York Times, Will Getting Botox Now Prevent Future Wrinkles?, which highlights some of the key benefits of preventative Botox®. This is something we’ve been talking to patients about for years, and the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere – if anything it seems to be growing.

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By temporarily relaxing the muscles that are prone to frequent contractions (think smiling, squinting), we can aim to prevent the wrinkles from forming, helping patients maintain their smooth, youthful appearance for years longer than may have otherwise been in the cards.

Preventative Botox® is an option for both men and women who are interested in keeping the harsh lines and wrinkles of aging at bay, and in most cases, can be started as young as one’s early- to mid-twenties.

Whether you treat the entire face or focus on certain areas that may be more prone to lines or wrinkles is a decision you will discuss with your provider. Our providers are highly skilled at evaluating one’s skin health and lifestyle habits in order to provide personalized treatment plans.

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At Forward MediSpa, our experienced team is here to help you achieve the natural, youthful look you love for as long as possible, through non-invasive, non-surgical means.

Who is Preventative Botox® Right For?

Are you already seeing the appearance of laugh lines, forehead creases, bunny lines, or crow’s feet? If these lines have already started to appear it’s never too late to start treatment!

But as the name suggests, preventative Botox® is started before these lines and wrinkles start to develop. So the question is, if the wrinkles aren’t there yet, how do you know if you are going to develop them, and thus warrant preventative Botox®?

One of the biggest clues? Take a look at your parents and other immediate family members. Do any of them seem to have particularly prevalent expression lines in their face? Do frown lines run in the family? That could be a sign that you, too, have this to look forward to.

Another giveaway is your lifestyle – past and present. Did you leave your glasses at home as a teen to achieve a certain look, only to be left squinting in class all day? Do you furrow your brow unconsciously when you’re reading or concentrating?

Starting preventative Botox® before these lines and wrinkles “take hold” and settle in as permanent fixtures in your face can mean keeping a subtle, natural, youthful appearance for years to come.

Whether or not to start Botox® at a younger age is a personal choice that should be made based on your skin type, your family history, your personal goals and the input of a trusted, honest provider. At Forward MediSpa, when you come in for an initial consultation, our team of experienced medical professionals will answer all of your questions and help provide you with realistic expectations of what preventative Botox® can do for your appearance as you age.