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Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are found to be a tried and true skin treatment to effectively achieve a variety of aesthetic needs, and their popularity has spanned decades. The treatment is now more researched and refined than ever, and is said to have even better results than laser imperfection removal.

Medical-grade chemical peels can now be customized to your skin and its needs, and range between superficial to deep level peel depending on which layers of the skin are targeted. You can expect several benefits and enhancements to your skin resulting from a chemical peel procedure.

What to Expect with Chemical Peels

  • A consultation to determine your individual needs and desired outcome. Chemical peels can be specifically formulated to target hyperpigmentation, sunspots, freckles, acne scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles.
  • During the procedure itself, a mixture of chemicals works to lift away dead and damaged skin cells on the skin surface. They then stimulate the existing cells to regenerate and produce more collagen.
  • The recovery time from a chemical peel procedure lasts from 3-5 days, during which you can expect minor redness and peeling.
  • Depending on the depth of the initial peel, you may return for additional sessions. Superficial peels are more likely than deeper peels to require more than one session.

Although discoloration and scarring are extremely unlikely side effects of a chemical peel, choosing an experienced medical aesthetics expert will minimize these risks even further.

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