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Patients who have been diagnosed with eyelid ptosis can benefit from Upneeq in Germantown. This prescription eyedrop has been found to quickly elevate the upper eyelids in patients who have upper-lid ptosis.

Upneeq is the first FDA-approved eyedrop for treatment of ptosis. Any age group is susceptible to developing ptosis, which is marked by a drooping of the upper eyelids.

How Does Upneeq Work?

Oxymetazoline hydrochloride is the active component that can be found in this ophthalmic solution. Müller’s muscle in the upper eyelid contracts in response to the Upneeq medicine, which results in the lid being raised.

Because Upneeq stimulates the involuntary muscle of the eyelid, it will appear as though your eyes are wider and more alert by providing improved iris visibility.

Is Upneeq Right for Me?

Most patients who suffer from ptosis can receive the benefits of Upneeq. These individuals may struggle with cosmetic issues such as an aged or constantly weary appearance. The Upneeq solution is also beneficial for patients who want to address trouble with their vision, since a drooping eyelid can block one’s field of vision.

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What Are the Benefits of Upneeq?

After using Upneeq for a short length of time, you should notice an improvement in the position of your upper eyelids. Some people state that after taking their very first dose, they immediately observe an improvement in the appearance of their eyelids.

Additionally, the use of Upneeq has been shown to significantly improve a person’s eyesight in the upper area of their field of vision. You might notice an improvement in your vision as soon as the very first day of treatment has passed.

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What Is the Upneeq Application Process?

To apply Upneeq to the afflicted eye, there are only two simple actions that must be taken. First, a pair of scissors will be used to remove the one-time-use vial from its package. After that, one drop of Upneeq will be placed in each eye that has been affected. Patients must only use the drug once daily, and they should only put one drop in each eye.

When using Upneeq, be sure that the pointed end of the vial doesn’t touch your eye or any other surface. After a vial is used, it should be thrown away and never reused.
Before using Upneeq, it is important to remove your contact lenses. Wait 15 minutes after using Upneeq before re-inserting the contact lenses.

What to Expect After Upneeq Application

You should see effects after 15 minutes of applying Upneeq, with the best results appearing two hours following application. The effects should continue for no more than eight hours. It is critical to remember that the effects of the product on the muscles in the eyelids may differ from person to person.

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