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Healthycell Gel Packs: Your Essential Nutrient Solution

At Forward Healthy Lifestyles, we’re committed to offering innovative solutions for your health needs. The Healthycell Gel Packs we offer redefine the way you receive essential nutrients. These convenient gel packs contain a precise blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, providing targeted support for various aspects of your well-being.

What we offer

  • Bioactive Multi: A complete spectrum of ultra absorbable, essential vitamins and minerals, plus phytonutrients and antioxidants, ensure a daily nutrient foundation for optimal health. Healhtycell Microgel delivers maximum absorption. Conveniently enjoy the great-tasting, natural mixed berry flavor right from the gel pack, mix in water, or even add to your favorite smoothie.
    • Micronutrients required for effective immune system function, including vitamins D3 and E, plus B vitamins, especially B12 and B6.
    • Ingredients clinically proven to support heart and cardiovascular health for an active, healthy quality of life.
    • Nutrients critical to brain function and performance, including vitamin B12, thiamin, zinc, and vitamin C.
    • A powerful combination of vitamin D3, vitamin K2, and zinc helps your body maintain bone health and strength.
    • Necessary micronutrients for healthy and vibrant skin, including vitamin E, vitamin D3, selenium, and vitamin C.
  • Immune Super Boost: Boost your defense with a strong, resilient immune system supercharged by a blend of phytonutrients, including Echinacea and Elderberry, plus vitamins and minerals that support white blood cell count, activate immune cells, promote healthy immune response, and support immune regulation.
    • Increase the number of white blood circulating in your system and enhance the activity of these immune cells.
    • Help your immune system react with strength to threats so you can stay strong, healthy, and productive.
    • Support the vital biochemical reactions that help you maintain your innate and adaptive immune system to fight infection.
  • REM Sleep: Fall asleep, stay asleep, sleep deep, and achieve REM to wake up refreshed. Support all 4 stages of sleep with calming herbs, amino acids, and ingredients to optimize sleep cycles. During this first stage of human sleep called NREM-1, your brain produces alpha and theta brainwaves as you transition from wakefulness into a light sleep stage. Melatonin, lemon balm extract, and GABA help you relax as you transition into sleep mode, allowing your mind and body to slow down and avoid feeling restless. To get the same amount of nutrients and reach effective doses, you would need to swallow 7 pills. Even then, you would not get the same level of absorption that Microgel™ sleep aid gel provides.
    • Calming herbal extracts quickly soothe your mind and body into sleep-mode, causing you to feel relaxed while avoiding feelings of restlessness.
    • Specific nutrients help your body regulate its temperature, helping you stay cool at night for better, uninterrupted sleep.
    • Get deep, restorative sleep, so you can wake up refreshed and ready to execute tasks all day long, instead of feeling sluggish.
    • Achieve creativity-boosting REM sleep with the right blend of natural ingredients that support sleep hormone regulation.
  • Focus + Recall: Boost your brainpower with science-backed nootropics to sharpen focus, concentrate longer, enhance recall, improve mental speed, learn rapidly, and be more alert.
    • (Neurotransmitter Support) Science-backed nutrients support neurotransmitters for laser focus and peak productivity.
    • (Phospholipid Support) Nutrients that support phospholipids for optimal retention and recall, rapid response & sharp memory.
    • (Glucose + Ketone Conversion) Cognitive fuel promotes long-lasting energy and helps alleviate mental fatigue.
    • (Brain Blood Flow Support) Ingredients to help increase blood flow to the brain to support cognitive potential.
    • (Brain Cell Oxidation Support) Potent antioxidants to protect brain cells from damage caused by age-accelerating free radicals.
  • Joint Health & Mobility: A blend of potent extracts and lubricating nutrients including Curcumin, Omega-3, Collagen Precursors, Chondroitin, Glucosamine and Hyaluronic Acid for healthy joint performance, comfort, and range of motion.
    • Support cartilage, ligaments, and tendons for optimal joint stability and flexibility.
    • Support lubrication and cushioning of the space between your bones and connective tissue.
    • Target ‘inflammaging’ to reduce joint irritation and improve joint comfort.
  • Calm Mood: Support relaxation and stress relief. A blend of non-drowsy neuro-nutrients that support a sense of calm by relaxing your nervous system and supporting the balance of your happy neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. Combining nutrients that support relaxation, serotonin and dopamine balance, along with stress management strategies, can improve mental health and resilience. Get the most bioavailable forms of these nutrients with Microgel™.
    • Modulate neurotransmitter levels and maintain healthy cortisol levels to melt away stress.
    • Support serotonin synthesis and enhance its effects to promote relaxation.
    • Support synthesis and balanced levels of the “reward neurotransmitter”, dopamine, for a healthy mood.
  • Vibrant hair, skin & nails: Expertly formulated by physicians and nutritionists, Vibrant Hair, Skin & Nails is a blend of vitamins, essential nutrients and amino acid building blocks to support collagen production and nourish skin.
    • Support collagen production and skin hydration for glowing skin.
    • Strengthen hair follicles for thicker and more vibrant hair.
    • Support production of nail building proteins for improved thickness and strength.
  • Heart & Vascular Health: Support 3 areas of heart health. A blend of plant extracts, vitamins and minerals that help maintain normal cholesterol, triglyceride and blood pressure levels for a healthy heart and vascular system.
    • Maintain balanced cholesterol levels for healthy blood flow.
    • Support normal blood pressure for optimal cardiovascular health.
    • Maintain healthy triglyceride levels to support vascular health.
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Why Gel Packs Over Traditional Pills?

Healthycell Gel Packs offer several advantages over conventional vitamin pills:

  • Enhanced Absorption: The liquid-gel formula allows for quicker absorption compared to traditional pills, ensuring that your body can readily access and utilize the nutrients.
  • Precise Dosage: Each gel pack contains precisely measured doses of nutrients, eliminating the guesswork associated with pills and ensuring consistent intake of essential elements.
  • Convenience: The individual gel packs are easy to carry and consume on-the-go, eliminating the need for multiple pill bottles or counting out doses.
  • Gentle on Digestion: Gel packs are often easier on the stomach compared to some vitamin pills, reducing the likelihood of digestive discomfort.

At Forward Healthy Lifestyles, we believe in offering innovative solutions that cater to your lifestyle and health needs. The Healthycell Gel Packs are a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality, easily absorbable nutrients that support your well-being, every step of the way.

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