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Early Cancer Detection: Advanced, non-invasive cancer screening panels

Cancer blood screenings help individuals identify cancer biomarkers early, potentially before a cancer appears, allowing for early diagnosis, timely treatment, improved survival rates, and better patient outcomes.

These screenings use advanced technologies to study DNA in blood samples, allowing for the detection of various types of cancer at an early stage. Early detection through these tests can ultimately improve the chances of successful treatment and better health outcomes for individuals.

If you have a family history of cancer, or concerns about cancer developments, these tests can provide an unparalleled early look at the development of certain cancers so that you can make informed, advanced decisions about your health and wellbeing.

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Female Cancer – Basic Panel

This panel helps identify markers for certain types of cancers in cisgender females. It looks for the cancer antigens (CA) 15-3, 19-9 and 125.

  • CA 15-3: This is a substance that stimulates your body’s defense system. Some kinds of cancer cells release the CA 15-3 antigen into the blood. This test is used to monitor certain types of cancer, with breast cancer the most common in relation to the release of this substance.
  • CA 19-9: Certain levels of CA 19-9 can indicate conditions that include an infection of the pancreas, liver disease, gallstones, and cystic fibrosis, and can help individuals identify risk of cancer of the pancreas or gallbladder, lung cancer and/or colon cancer.
  • CA 125: A CA 125 test measures the amount of the protein CA 125 in the blood. This test may be used to monitor certain cancers during and after treatment. In some situations, the test may be used to look for early signs of ovarian cancer in people with a very high risk of the disease.

Female Cancer – Extended Panel

This extended panel provides insights into an extended list of common cancers in cisgender women. This panel includes measurement of:

  • CA 15-3: As indicated in the “Female Cancer – Basic Panel”
  • CA 19-9: As indicated in the “Female Cancer – Basic Panel”
  • CA 125: As indicated in the “Female Cancer – Basic Panel”

What this package includes beyond the Basic Panel:

  • AFP (Alpha-Fetoprotein)Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) is a useful tumor marker for ovarian germ cell tumors, particularly yolk sac tumor (YST). It is valuable for both diagnosis and further follow-up.
  • β-hCG (Beta-Human Chronic Gonadotropin), Qualitative, Serum: While hCG is primarily produced during pregnancy, elevated levels can also indicate certain types of cancer in both men and women. In female cancer screening, a β-hCG panel is used to: Help diagnose gestational trophoblastic disease (GTD) and germ cell tumors of the ovary, monitor treatment response and detect recurrence in women with known gestational trophoblastic neoplasia or germ cell tumors, and differentiate between cancerous and non-cancerous conditions that can cause elevated β-hCG, such as ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy, and liver disease. Measurement of B-HCG can also assist in the diagnosis of other cancers including lung, breast, pancreatic, stomach, and bladder cancers, although this is less common.
  • CEA Serum: Certain serum CEA levels have been detected in persons with primary colorectal cancer and in patients with other malignancies involving the gastrointestinal tract, breast, lung, ovarian, prostatic, liver and pancreatic cancers. CEA levels can provide important information about patient prognosis, recurrence of tumors after surgical removal, and effectiveness of therapy.

From hormones to cancer biomarkers, at Forward Healthy Lifestyles, our goal is to help people gain insight into their health and wellbeing so that they can make informed decisions about their wellness, and live healthy, fulfilling lives.

We proudly offer cancer screening panels to individuals in Germantown, Shorewood, Milwaukee and through Wisconsin. Contact us today to schedule a free, no commitment consultation to talk with an expert and learn more about our screening panels.

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