Penile Tox (P-Tox) and Scrotal Rejuvenation “Scrotox”

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Penile Tox (P-Tox) and Scrotal Rejuvenation “Scrotox”

Neurotoxins have long been used to help men and women address issues with fine lines and wrinkles.

But in recent years, experts in the industry have begun using these safe, powerful injections to support enhanced sexual health in men. A comprehensive study on the use of Botox for treating erectile dysfunction found “significant improvement in all parameters”. If you are looking to:

  • Address erectile dysfunction
  • Enhance blood flow
  • Improve sensitivity and performance
  • Improve the appearance of the scrotum
  • Decrease genital sweating

Then these therapies might be right for you! Contact us today to schedule your confidential, complimentary screening.

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