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LifeSteps Health and Wellness Clinic and Forward Healthy Lifestyles Join Forces to Bring Advanced Wellness & Aesthetic Services to More of Wisconsin

[Shorewood, WI, November 1, 2023] — LifeSteps Health & Wellness Clinic, one of Wisconsin’s longest operating hormone optimization and wellness clinics, is thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with Forward Healthy Lifestyles in Germantown, a leading provider of hormone replacement therapy, regenerative medicine, weight loss, aesthetics and heart health screenings. By joining forces, the two wellness powerhouses aim to expand their respective services and service areas for enhanced patient care and convenience. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in both company’s commitment to providing top-tier care and support for individuals looking to enhance their health, appearance, wellness and longevity in Wisconsin.

“In addition to our established office in Shorewood, LifeSteps Health and Wellness Clinic is proud to now have a trusted location our clients can visit in Germantown with expanded services and treatments,” said Dr. Stula, founder and lead provider at LifeSteps Health and Wellness Clinic. “We understand that convenience is key, and this collaboration allows us to cater to a broader range of patients while still providing the same level of premium care.”

Forward Healthy Lifestyles, led by Lindsay Carmody, MSN, FNP-BC, APNP, is known for its specialization in natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy along with a comprehensive suite of wellness services. These services include cutting-edge regenerative medicine treatments for tissue damage and limited mobility, medical weight loss programs including semaglutide, intimate wellness therapies, aesthetic services like Botox and HydraFacial, IV vitamin therapies, RED Alert health health screenings and much more.

Ms. Carmody brings a wealth of experience to this partnership, with a career spanning decades in the medical field. Both practices have an unwavering focus on individualized patient care, delivering state-of-the-art services and therapies that address clients’ unique needs and goals.

“It’s an honor to join forces with Dr. G. Stula and his team as we all work together to help bring more proactive, personalized wellness services to the people of Wisconsin,” said Ms. Carmody. “We both offer elective therapies designed to optimize patient wellbeing and longevity, and I believe working together in a more connected fashion will help us better serve more patients that could benefit from healthy lifestyles changes.”




About LifeSteps:
LifeSteps helps clients rejuvenate, regain and maintain their vitality, energy and wellbeing, guided by the scienced-based principles of Functional Medicine. Its practitioners identify and alter hormone imbalances, inflammation, adrenal stress, metabolic and detoxification problems to balance the body and support healthy aging.

is a leading healthcare provider dedicated to delivering personalized and comprehensive care to patients. With a strong commitment to individualized patient approaches, we focus on addressing the unique needs and goals of every individual while providing cutting-edge services and therapies.

About Forward Healthy Lifestyles:
Forward Healthy Lifestyles is a comprehensive wellness and aesthetics practice specializing in hormone replacement therapy, medical aesthetics, regenerative medicine, medical weight loss, intimate wellness therapies, heart health screenings, and IV vitamin therapies.

Forward Healthy Lifestyles is based in Germantown, Wisconsin and is led by Lindsay Carmody, MSN, FNP-BC, APNP, along with a dedicated team of highly trained and experienced medical professionals and support staff.