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Lindsay Carmody FNP-MSN, APNP, Health Care Provider at Forward Healthy Lifestyles in Germantown

Lindsay Carmody


Lindsay, FNP-MSN, APNP is the main provider at Forward Healthy Lifestyles, delivering leading care in the fields of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), regenerative therapy, weight loss, sexual disorders, IV vitamin therapy and injectables for men and women.

Lindsay remains steadfastly focused on individualized patient care, ensuring her team understands the personal needs and goals of every patient, and providing premier services and therapies to help each patient reach optimum wellness.

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Lindsay’s specialty in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy allows her to help men and women struggling with the negative side effects of suboptimal hormones—which often go undiagnosed in traditional healthcare services. Lindsay and her team work with first-rate labs to evaluate patient’s hormone health and call upon more than 10 years of experience and expertise in medicine and HRT to deliver individualized treatment plans that help men and women of all ages overcome symptoms like lack of energy and endurance, waning muscle mass, weight gain, diminished libido, mood swings, thyroid imbalance, brain fog and beyond. She also helps women navigate menopause without the common side effects many women experience during this natural transition in life.

Through her work in HRT, Lindsay has become deeply knowledgeable about the causes of and treatments for sexual disorders in both men and women and provides preeminent therapies to help patients regain their confidence and enhance their intimate relationships.

Lindsay also specializes in the cutting-edge field of regenerative medicine, helping patients to live life free of pain. For 10 years Lindsay served in a busy orthopedic operating room and was responsible for organizing and assisting in more than 2,500 joint replacements per year. During this time, Lindsay came to appreciate just how detrimental a failed surgical outcome is for the patient and how difficult the recovery process can be, and she knew there had to be an alternative to treating degenerative joints.

Her research led her to the field of Regenerative Therapy. Today, Lindsay has performed hundreds of regenerative therapy procedures and the patient outcomes she has observed are nothing short of astonishing. “So many people deal with osteoarthritis and joint pain, and it can be truly debilitating. That’s why we work tirelessly to make this this cutting-edge therapy available. Our goal is to provide an alternative to help our patients live without pain, without the inherent risks and failure rates associated with surgery. We can always operate, but we can’t un-operate.”

During her years in the operating room, Lindsay also witnessed firsthand the severity of the obesity epidemic is in the U.S., and was both frightened and saddened by the death rates directly associated with obesity complications—such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and organ failures. In direct response to this experience, in 2013, Lindsay opened Forward Medical Weight Loss as a destination for integrative, scientifically proven weight management support.

Today, Forward Medical Weight Loss is a division within Forward Healthy Lifestyles and the robust menu of treatments include HCG, B12 shots, Phentermine, vitamin therapies and bioidentical hormone replacement therapies (bHRT)—all designed to regulate the body’s metabolism in healthy adults. Her work in this field has become a sought-after service for men and women in the area as she works with patients to create comprehensive, individualized plans that deliver real, meaningful results.

Lindsay graduated Cum Laude from Concordia University in Mequon, WI and is a rising Regenerative Medicine Fellow through the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (a4m).

Lindsay’s wellness tip: “If you think there’s something off with your body, you’re probably right! Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer—and if you need help getting to the bottom of your health concerns, know there are those of us out there ready to help!”

Dr. Stula

G. Stula


Dr. G. Stula founded LifeSteps Health & Wellness Clinic to help revolutionize modern medical practices with a system based on preventive medicine in addition to traditional forms of treatment. His personal philosophy of medicine is that the role of a doctor is to prevent illness, not just treat it. His passion is combining complementary and traditional medicine in order to help patients achieve optimal health. He has had a private practice in the Milwaukee area for more than 30 years and is well respected for forming a partnership with patients that encourages sound nutritional practices and healthy lifestyle behaviors.

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As a Certified Menopause Practitioner with the North American Menopause Society, Dr. G. Stula utilizes bio-identical hormone therapy, when appropriate. He treats thyroid disorders and adrenal fatigue for both women and men. He has appeared on television and he presents lectures to community groups. Dr. G. Stula is a retired medical staff member of both St. Luke’s and St. Francis Hospitals.

James Joseph DO, Anti-Aging Medicine Provider at Forward Healthy Lifestyles in Germantown

James A. Joseph


Dr. James Joseph completed his medical school studies at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine (1994-1998). He then went on to complete a Family Medicine residency through Midwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine from 1998-2001. He has now been in clinical practice for about 18 years.

In 2010, he awakened to the exciting new field of anti-aging medicine. Anti-aging medicine encompasses evidence based strategies that can help people dramatically achieve more vitality and youthfulness.

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Three categories of Anti-Aging medicine include Cosmetic Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, and Hormone Optimization. Examples of Cosmetic Medicine include advanced laser therapies to treat facial pigmentation issues, scarring, and wrinkles, facial injections to correct facial sagging, and body contouring with fat transfer lip sculpture to help shape the breasts and buttocks (“taking fat from areas of the body you don’t want it and putting it into areas that you do want it”).

In 2012, he completed a stem cell harvesting training course through the prominent Ageless Institute in Adventura, FL, and later went on to complete the first ever Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine Fellowship in 2016 through his membership in the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (a4m). This field is called Regenerative Medicine. Regenerative Medicine represents the most exciting part of Anti-Aging Medicine as it allows for the possibility to enhance the body to regenerate itself. This can be used for cosmetic purposes as well as help manage diseases. Examples of cosmetic treatments include solutions for Alopecia (hair thinning), Erectile Dysfunction, and Vaginal Atrophy.

Dr. Joseph has also treated advanced diseases with human stem cells as a sub investigator of a university backed research study including Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and other autoimmune diseases, Parkinson’s Disease, and Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease. A third category of Anti-Aging Medicine is Hormone Optimization. It can be said that as our hormones decline so does our body and mind. Hormone Optimization uses evidence based medicine and the use of Bio-Identical Hormones (exactly as nature created them) and Peptides (natural cell-signaling molecules) to help maintain the physiology of a 25 year old in order to preserve vitality and youthfulness safely and effectively into the middle and later years of life. Dr. Joseph works with Acara Partners to insure his services meet state and local guidelines while generating excellent patient satisfaction.

Patient Care Coordinator

Melissa Wingers

Clinic Coordinator

Melissa Wingers is the Clinic Coordinator at Forward Healthy Lifestyles’ offices in Germantown and Shorewood, leveraging her 15+ years of experience in healthcare to further cement our clinic at the forefront of personalized patient care.

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Melissa is charged with managing clinic staff and operations, and ensures that from the back office to the front desk everything runs seamlessly. Her passion for patients’ wellbeing, her love of the industry, and her unmatched organization and expertise uniquely position her to help lead Forward Healthy Lifestyles.

Prior to joining Forward Healthy Lifestyles in 2022, Melissa helped patients in a wide array of fields including orthopedics, rehabilitation, memory care, behavioral health and care for people with disabilities.

During her free time Melissa enjoys spending time with her two daughters and going to country music concerts. Melissa’s wellness tip: “When you take care of yourself, you’re a better person for others.”

Judy Thao ME, Lead Aesthetician at Forward Healthy Lifestyles in Germantown

Judy Thao

Patient Care & Medical Aesthetician

Judy Thao has more than 20 years of experience in the medical and medical aesthetics fields, with her expertise spanning a broad range of treatments, procedures and anti-aging services.

At Forward Healthy Lifestyles, Judy helps patients realize their health, wellness and aesthetics goals by providing leading medical aesthetics treatments, weight loss services, hormone balancing programs and blood draws.

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Judy has a passion for helping individuals look and feel their best, and beyond her deep insights and knowledge in HRT and weight management, her training in medical cosmetics helps individuals attain healthy, beautiful skin and an ideal overall physique – all without surgery.

Judy is actively up-to-date with the latest anti-aging trends and advancements and brings that expertise to clients at Forward. Seeing her patients regain their confidence and be the best versions of themselves is the most rewarding part of her job.

In her free time, Judy enjoys traveling to experience culture and local cuisine with her husband, gathering and cooking with friends, playing with her dogs and binge-watching reality TV. Judy’s top health tip: “Keep working on your goals, no matter what — slow and steady wins the race!”

Erika Marquardt - Registered Nurse

Erika Marquardt

Registered Nurse

Erika Marquardt is a registered nurse that brings her 15 years of experience in healthcare to Forward Healthy Lifestyles patients looking to reach new heights in wellness and aesthetics.

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A BSN and masters candidate, Erika supports our male and female patients with a wide array of services and solutions, providing the highest level of care to every individual, from those coming in for blood draws to IV wellness therapies, hair restoration, Botox®, and beyond. By working closely with each and every patient she sees, she helps get to the root of their concerns and provides comprehensive solutions to help them look and feel their best.

In her free time outside of the office, Erika enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters, traveling to northern Wisconsin to seek some outdoor adventure on ATVs/UTVs, and reading.

Her health tip: “Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning to start the re-hydration cycle for the day!”

Jenny Truse, HRT Coordinator

Jenny Truse

HRT Coordinator

Jenny Truse is a trained surgical technologist and Integrative health coach that has worked alongside Forward Healthy Lifestyles founder, Lindsay Carmody, for years. Jenny began her career in the operating room, but when faced with her own set of health issues that were not being resolved with traditional healthcare methods, she turned to integrative lifestyle changes and experienced such profound results, she re-dedicated her career to supporting patients with integrative health practices.

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Today, Jenny is a fully trained IH coach and uses her expertise and experience to manage the Hormone Replacement Therapy Program with Lindsay. “I personally understand the struggle many patients face and helping them finally feel better is so rewarding!”

In her spare time, Jenny likes to walk, read, garden and spend time with her family and two fur babies.

Jenny’s health tip: “Get your gut health in check. An unhealthy gut can cause so many health issues that you might not have any idea are stemming from poor gut health.”

Gao Thao

Gao Thao

Patient Care Coordinator

Gao Thao is an experienced, enthusiastic medical assistant, overseeing the Hormone Replacement Therapy program at our Shorewood location. Gao has worked in health care services since 2011 and specifically in the medical field since 2013. She has supported Dr. Stula at our sister practice, LifeSteps Health & Wellness for more than six years as one of his most trusted employees, ensuring every client has an exceptional experience when receiving care.

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Gao assists with procedures and communicates with providers about patient care, medications, and important updates about their wellness journey. She takes and reports patient vitals, ensures patients get approval for and receive their prescriptions, guides patients through the insurance coverage process and addresses other questions and needs that patients have. She ensures a seamless care journey, helping patients throughout every step of the process.

Gao has three boys and in her free time loves to spend time with her family as well as watching reality TV and documentaries when they are off enjoying their own activities.

Ashley Medical Receptionist

Ashley Stecker

Patient Care Coordinator

Ashley is one of the most beloved Patient Care Coordinators at Forward Healthy Lifestyles. Ashley has been working in the healthcare field for more thean a decade and has been with our Forward team for two years, bringing her passion for health, wellness and service to our clinic every day.

Ashley assists the Nurse Practitioner with procedures, communicates with providers about patient care updates, changes to medications, patient lifestyle updates, and beyond, and helps with marketing to share information about our services with existing clients and beyond.

Ashley has a passion for animals and spends her time volunteering at animal shelters and even spent 5 years at a veterinary clinic in Chicago, IL.

Ashley also holds a BFA degree in Graphic Design from Michigan State University. When she is not working with people and animals in need, she is taking care of her own adopted Corgi mix named Libby.

Patient Care Coordinator

Michele Vang

Medical Receptionist/Assistant

Michele Vang is a valuable member of the Forward Healthy Lifestyles team, with nearly a decade of experience providing superior patient care and customer relations support. She has been working with our sister practice, LifeSteps Health & Wellness since early 2023.

Michele liaises with patients during the check in and check out processes and manages patient appointments. She assists providers with procedures and is engaged in patient care coordination.

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Michele is always expanding her skills and expertise to even better serve patients, and is currently attending MATC for an associate’s degree in radiography.

Michele is passionate about all things health and beauty and brings that excitement and interest with her to work every day.

In her free time outside of school and work she enjoys spending time with her family and friends as well as traveling and being outdoors.

Her health tip: “Essential oils are one of the best holistic remedies. My favorite to help with acne breakouts, inflammation and reducing scarring is to mix 2 drops of frankincense oil and 1 drop of tea tree oil with Vitamin E oil (to act as the “carrier oil”). I put it in a roller and apply it as needed. It’s terrific!”

Patient Care Coordinator

Lia Laterza

Registered Vascular Technologist

Lia Laterza, RVT, RPHS, is a Vascular Ultrasound Technologist at the forefront of our RED Alert Screening Program. With more than 10 years of experience providing premium ultrasound imaging services and helping to manage patient care in leading vein treatment centers, Lia brings unparalleled expertise, skills and knowledge to our programs at Forward Healthy Lifestyles.

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Lia holds a Bachelor’s in Science in Vascular Sonography from Rush University in Chicago, a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition. Her breadth of training brings our patient care services to the next level, with leading Eastern and Western medicine techniques that aim to optimize client health and wellbeing today and into the future.

Lia’s wellness tip: Our bodies can’t heal if we are stuck in a perpetual state of “fight or flight”. We only heal if we allow our bodies to relax! Prioritizing relaxation and seeking activities that bring a sense of peace and tranquility are key. When you find that inner calm, you stimulate the vagus nerve, which is responsible for regulating crucial bodily functions. This is what enables your mind and body to regenerate and heal.

In her spare time Lia loves to travel and explore the world – and she has been to many different countries. She also loves taking her dog, Hooch, for walks, adores everything water related, and enjoys meditating and exercise.

Claire C., Office Receptionist

Claire C.

Office Receptionist

Claire C. is our welcoming, experienced receptionist that helps ensure your visit is as efficient and seamless as possible. She supports our team by keeping all patient information accurate and up to date, helping patients book appointments, getting questions answered quickly and thoroughly, helping during appointments, and facilitating other patient needs both in and outside of the office.

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Claire has years of experience working with patients in medical facilities, creating lasting relationships that make every patient feel comfortable and cared for.

During her free time, Claire enjoys spending time with her family, travelling and watching her son play on his soccer team. Her health tip? Sleep meditation for improved sleep hygiene. “It really calms my thoughts before bed and helps me get a good night’s sleep.”