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Tox wrinkle treatments are one of the most popular services for individuals looking to achieve a more youthful appearance and erase the signs of aging. Leading neurotoxins like Botox® and Jeuveau can help effectively reduce wrinkles and fine lines, resulting in smoother, younger looking skin, with no downtime. At Forward Healthy Lifestyles, we are highly experienced in delivering natural, effective results, with affordable prices and expert aestheticians dedicated to achieving your individual goals.

Our process begins with a complementary consultation with one of our passionate tox experts to evaluate your skincare needs, discuss your cosmetic goals and help you develop a personalized plan that will get you where you want to be as quickly and cost-effectively as possible—with results that last as long as possible.


Botox® injections use botulinum toxin type A to restrict a person’s muscle movement temporarily. The neurotoxin works by blocking certain chemical signals from reaching the nerves and has most notably diminished fine lines and wrinkles in the skin.

Unlike regular botulinum toxin, Botox® is safe when administered properly and does not cause any commonly associated toxin illnesses, such as botulism.

Jeuveau: The Modern Choice for Smoother Skin

Jeuveau is a modern neurotoxin that has gained widespread popularity for its effectiveness in treating moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows. It’s a great option for those looking for fast, reliable, lasting results. Jeuveau is also sought after for its price point, delivering amazing results at often lower prices than competing brands.

In-Depth Look at Jeuveau:

– FDA-Approved Efficacy: Jeuveau is FDA-approved for cosmetic use, ensuring both safety and effectiveness. Clinical trials have shown significant improvements in frown lines, with a majority of patients experiencing noticeable results.

– Rapid Onset: Remarkably, about 50% of patients begin to see improvement in as little as two days after treatment.

– Sustained Results: Approximately 69% of patients achieve a 2-grade or better improvement in frown lines by day 30, with results lasting several months.

– High Purity and Quality: Produced in a state-of-the-art facility in South Korea, Jeuveau boasts over 95% purity. This high level of refinement contributes to its effectiveness and natural-looking results.

– High Patient Satisfaction: In consumer surveys, a staggering 94% of individuals treated with Jeuveau reported satisfaction with their treatment outcome.

– Scientifically Proven: Studies conducted in both the U.S. and internationally have consistently demonstrated Jeuveau’s effectiveness. Patients often report a significant improvement in the appearance of frown lines, enhancing their overall facial aesthetics.

– Safe and Reliable: When administered by our trained professionals, Jeuveau offers a safe, reliable option for facial rejuvenation.

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What are the Benefits of Tox Wrinkle Treatments?

Whether we like it or not, genetic make-up, repeated facial movements, and age, in general, will eventually manifest in wrinkles and fine lines. Tox treatments, like Botox®, can temporarily weaken the muscles in your face that create laugh or marionette lines, crow’s feet, forehead creases, and other types of wrinkles.

The injections do not paralyze the face or create an unnatural appearance when administered by a skilled professional. Instead, tox will result in smoother, younger-looking skin without the need for invasive plastic surgery.

Generally, patients seek out Botox® when they’ve already noticed furrows in their skin, but it can also be used preventatively to delay the development of wrinkles. Typically, preventative tox treatments are administered when a patient is in their late 20s and 30s and may require smaller amounts of the injectable.

Forehead Lines, Scowl Lines, Bunny Lines & Crow’s Feet: Perhaps the most well-known benefits of Botox are treating and preventing wrinkles and lines on your face and forehead, keeping your skin looking young and vibrant while you erase these unwanted signs of aging.

Brow Lift: This is a quick, effective solution to tired-looking eyes! This service helps lift the eyebrows for a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

Lip Flip: Using injections along lip line we can help patients achieve a fuller, plumper appearance in the lips.

Chin: For those looking to create a smoother, more even chin, this service can help relax the skin, creating a more youthful appearance and eliminating unwanted chin dimples.

Hyperhydrosis: Neurotoxins can help address excessive perspiration in areas such as the palms, soles of the feet and under arms.

Masseter + Face Slimming: This service is an effective treatment for those suffering from chronic clenched jaw and/or grinding of the teeth. This is also a popular treatment for those looking to create more facial structure, enhancing the shape of the face while simultaneously offering a slimming effect.

Headache/Migraine Relief: Neurotoxins injected into areas of the face, scalp and neck have been proven to help temporarily relieve muscular tension, resulting in a decrease of headaches and migraines.

Xeomin: Precision in Wrinkle Reduction

Xeomin is a highly purified neurotoxin used for treating facial wrinkles. It’s known for its precision and effectiveness in reducing lines, offering a more natural and refreshed look.

Key Benefits of Xeomin:

– Targeted Action: Xeomin specifically targets muscle activity that causes wrinkles, offering a smoother appearance.

– Purified Formula: Lacks complexing proteins, which may lead to a lower risk of developing resistance.

– Versatile Treatments: Effective for various facial areas including forehead lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines.

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What Can I Expect Before and After a Tox Injection?

Before the procedure, you will meet with one of our medical professionals to determine if you are a candidate for the injectable. During this consultation, you will be asked a series of medical questions to ensure that Botox®, Jeuveau or Xeomin injections will help you achieve your goals, and are a safe option for you as an individual. By the end of the appointment, you will have a clear understanding of the tox we recommend, the amount of tox you will be getting, and where you will be getting it.

During the procedure, one of our medical practitioners may numb your skin before administering the treatment to make it more comfortable. Then, they will use a thin needle to inject small amounts of tox into the targeted area(s).

The number of injections needed will vary based on your goals and the area being treated. However, the procedure is relatively quick, with minimal to no discomfort from the injection sites. You will receive detailed post-care instruction, but ice and pressure may be applied to the area(s) to reduce any discomfort and/or swelling.

Botox® does not require significant downtime or recovery. However, following the procedure, your specialist will give you aftercare instructions to ensure that you see the best results and do not cause any unintended side effects or harm.

For example, patients should avoid lying down, rubbing treated areas, or engage in strenuous activity in the hours following their procedure. You can expect to see results within the first week of treatment and reap the effects for 3-4 months thereafter. For continuous results, you can schedule regular intervals of administration.

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