For many patients, the thought of cosmetic surgery, including the lengthy recovery process that often follows, is a non-starter. They want real, visible results, but aren’t comfortable having to risk going under the knife.

“In fact, we don’t offer cosmetic surgery therapies to patients,” said Angie Lewis, Registered Nurse and lead Silhouette InstaLift® provider at Forward Healthy Lifestyle. “There are so many powerful alternatives out there that our focus is on bringing patients non-invasive or minimally invasive therapies that offer remarkable, lasting results. That’s why we’re so excited about the addition of the Silhouette InstaLift® to our practice.”

Many of our patients have already enjoyed the benefits of the Silhouette InstaLift®, including the immediate lifting effect and more voluminous appearance in the mid-face.

“This therapy is quickly becoming a top choice for addressing sagging ski in the face. The Silhouette InstaLift® uses specialized threads with tiny cones that help to tighten, smooth and add volume to the subdermal tissue of the skin—while at the same time, instigating natural collagen production in the area for more robust results,” explained Angie. “On top of it all, patients can expect immediate results that can last for up to two years.”

The Silhouette InstaLift® is:

  • The only FDA-cleared dual-action device for cosmetic rejuvenation
  • Done under local anesthetic
  • Can generally be completed in under 45 minutes
  • The threads used with the Silhouette InstaLift® are biodegradable and dissolve naturally with no adverse side effects

If you have any questions about how the Silhouette InstaLift® can help you achieve younger, fresher, tighter skin, or if you are ready to get started on your non-surgical rejuvenation journey, call our team at (262) 313-8375 to schedule a completely complimentary consultation. We look forward to hearing from you, and to providing with the best care possible.