We’ve seen a surge of inquiries lately surrounding men’s sexual health, from low testosterone impacting libido and performance, to concerns about penis size and appearance, to challenges with ED.

Men’s sexual health is crucial for overall health. Firstly, sexual activity has been linked to numerous health benefits, such as boosting the immune system, lowering blood pressure, and even relieving pain. Research also indicates that regular sexual activity can positively impact cardiovascular health, with studies suggesting that men who engage in sex at least twice a week may experience cardiovascular benefits. Additionally, good sexual health contributes to emotional wellbeing, self-esteem and happiness, which are essential components of overall health.

But often the men who contact us are hesitant about seeking sexual health services. That’s because:

  • Men historically haven’t gotten the sexual health support they need with traditional medicine, so they don’t know it’s readily available to them
  • Men can be nervous to talk about sexual health, whether it be with a partner or even a medical practitioner, due to outdated stigmas
  • These kinds of conversations just don’t happen naturally among male friends, meaning that important first-person sharing isn’t happening like it is for other topics (Ask yourself, how often do you talk about back or shoulder pain with your guy friends vs. how often do you talk about ED?)
  • It can be hard to find information that makes sense for you, personally, or to sort through all of the clutter that exists online.

For years we’ve been helping men with sexual health challenges—from testosterone replacement to ED medications like TriMix and QuadMix to PRP shots for penile enhancement and more, and we’re so glad to see this space growing. So, we asked one of our dear clients if he’d be willing to share his personal experience with using PRP treatments for ED, to help start that conversation with men considering seeking treatment for ED.

Here’s what he had to say:

“I had ED and was looking for better sex so I figured, let’s do something. I’d tried over the counter kind of medications, but they didn’t do much. I had been dealing with this for a while and was ready for something that really worked. In my online searching I started to read about platelet-rich plasma treatments for ED and started digging into that. I hadn’t heard of using PRP for ED before, and what I found about the results looked intriguing.

But before getting treatment, I wanted to know what was involved. I studied it as much as I could online, and I learned a bit about overall PRP treatments and then particularly what went into the PRP penile shot. So I had a sense of what they do would, if it would hurt, and of course the price. I did a lot of online shopping, reading, price comparison and I found Forward Healthy Lifestyles online.

One thing that set Forward Healthy Lifestyles apart is that they helped make me comfortable before coming in. Most places I talked to I felt like it was all a sales pitch and I couldn’t get answers to my basic questions that I felt were important to decide whether it was worth it for me to make an appointment. But at Forward, they worked with me and gave me confidence from the initial calls that they actually cared about my questions and concerns.

When I reached out to Elaine, she was very helpful in getting scheduled for phone calls and appointments. I then met with Lindsay, and it was great working with Lindsay from the very beginning. I really enjoyed the collaborative approach she made available. She was nice, she was kind, and most importantly, she listened.

I had talked to a number of other places and they were very difficult to work with. They didn’t communicate as well as Lindsay and Forward, they weren’t as collaborative and they didn’t seem to provide any type of personalized care that Forward Healthy Lifestyles was more than willing to provide.

Out of a 1-10 scale, I am at a 10 in terms of being comfortable with Lindsay. I am getting PRP and exosomes for ED.”

But getting to the most common questions from prospective clients, we asked him about the PRP shot for ED, the pain and, of course, the results.

“Well, I am certain that men are going to be wondering about that. ED isn’t a topic we’re talking about. And we’re certainly not saying to one another, ‘Hey how did you go about getting a PRP shot in your penis? Did it help your ED, and did it hurt?’ At least the men I know, we don’t talk about it… Even at a medical facility it’s probably hard for most men to start that conversation. Who wants to sit in a consult room and say, ‘I’ve got ED and by the way, I am not happy with my penis size’? It’s just a conversation that’s hard to share, with other men, even with medical professionals.

That wasn’t the case for me with Lindsay. She’s such a professional. She is incredibly easy to talk to, and she actually listens. And when it comes to your treatment plan, she isn’t forcing something on you, she’s working with you to find something that works for your goals, your needs. For me, Lindsay has made it so easy to have these conversations about ED, sexual performance, size and satisfaction.

The other thing I was really worried about was the pain with getting a PRP shot in the penis. But if 0 is painless and 10 is great pain, I would put the procedure at a 1 or maximum a 2. And any discomfort you do feel with the injection is very, very short lived. That’s because they start with a numbing cream prior to the injection to reduce and eliminate any potential discomfort you would have. They also apply lidocaine. So for me, when it’s time for the treatment, there’s a pinch with the PRP injection, then the pain is gone. I guess it’s just like the dentist. They’re not going to give you a root canal without the pain meds before. They take all the steps to make you comfortable before getting started.

Since starting treatments, I have seen improvements with ED, sensitivity as well as larger size. There’s still more to improve, as this is a process, but I have seen improvements with sensitivity and I’ve also gotten larger. My overall satisfaction is high, my sensitivity is very good – it is definitely improved, my ED is improving, and size has improved.

That’s another thing we don’t always openly talk about it, but I think most men probably do have some focus on their penis size. After getting PRP treatments for ED, I was told that a penis pump might help support the process and the results I would see. And since starting treatments, I have absolutely outgrown a number of cylinder sizes on my pump.”

Since our clients admits it isn’t a conversation most men are having with one another, we asked what he would say to other men out there, struggling with the same things he has.

“Go and try it out, because you can read about it all you want, but until you actually experience it, you really don’t know yourself. There will be no doubt after you’ve tried it whether it works for you.

I’ve seen improvements and I like what I see so I will be coming back. As long as Lindsay is going to be helping me, then I’m going to work with Lindsay, I won’t go anywhere else.”

If you have questions about your sexual wellness and want to talk to one of our experience men’s health providers about the safe, effective services we offer, contact us today. We can set you up for a free, no commitment consultation to discuss your questions, your goals, and your options.