No matter how careful we are with diet and exercise, there can be parts of our bodies that are more challenging than others to tone and keep firm. Changes in the chin and neck line, for example, are a challenge for many men and women, and that tricky cellulite seems to appear even when we are working hard to keep our bodies lean and fit. In fact, “Between 80% and 90% of all women who’ve gone through puberty have cellulite.”

While there is no true fountain of youth giving us access to our dream physique, advances in technology have given us the tools to eliminate some of these undesirable changes that come as we get older.

Enter our Body Contouring Services, including the popular BTL Exilis Ultra™.

The BTL Exilis Ultra™ uses a combination of RF (Radio Frequency) and ultrasound technology to alternately drive targeted heating and cooling through the skin’s surface to support body sculpting, skin tightening, cellulite reduction and facial rejuvenation.

The benefits of the alternate heating and cooling help with problem areas that patients haven’t been able to manage effectively with exercise and diet alone. In other words, you’ve been working to get rid of unwanted bra rolls, upper arm flab, cellulite in the abdomen, buttock, and thigh areas, as well as other accumulations of fat that prevent you from having the body you want and deserve—but nothing seems to work. Thankfully, shaping, tightening and contouring are among the many benefits this treatment offers—without invasive surgery and with minimal downtime.

“While we always evaluate every patient individually to understand their needs and goals and determine what treatment will be best for his or her body, the BTL Exilis Ultra™ can help both men and women that have had trouble with sagging skin, new or persistent cellulite, or that continue to have trouble addressing trouble areas despite how hard they train or target the area with exercise,” said Judy Thao, Lead Aesthetician at Forward MediSpa. “Most patients we see have tried diets, they exercise, they’ve even worked with personal trainers, and they just can’t achieve certain body goals. Or, they’ve tried all the lotions and serums they can find in the pharmacy and their signs of cellulite just never go away. We encourage these men and women to come and talk to us to see how professional, non-invasive treatments can help.”

This procedure can produce some results in just one treatment, but oftentimes a series of treatments leads to optimal results. That’s why we have packages available with favorable pricing for those that want to purchase the optimal treatment bundle based on their needs.

Plus, with minimal downtime following the procedure, patients can resume their normal activities in between treatments as they enjoy the tightening and toning effects that continue to enhance in the weeks following treatment.

If you’re ready to make a real, positive change, and love the skin you’re in, contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if the BTL Exilis Ultra™ could be right for you.